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Manufacturing and assembly of industrial wiring installations

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Our Know-How in electrical connections and wiring techniques provide solutions to interconnection problems.

  • Specialization of our technical team.
  • Knowledge of products according to their application.
  • Solutions for interconnections industrialization.
  • Experience in giving solutions to weatherproof connections, in high vibration environment, exposed to high temperatures and/or high pressure, etc.

Research, Development and Innovation RDI

We strengthen communications with our clients applying strong investments in engineering and development actions to promote mutual innovation and competitiveness. Due to the increasing in complexity and need of equipment and systems reliability in leading sectors, we are able to give a respond to the whole inherent needs in this quandary.
From the conception and technical specifications development stage we assure that all our solutions are compatible with:

  • Effectiveness of components is sustainable along the project’s lifespan, especially in obsolescence studies, retrofit and up-dating.
  • Technical requirements.
  • Standardisation and certifications.
  • Quality and guaranties.

Manufacturing analysis

Our engineering ability allows us to industrialize our electrical wirings offering:

  • Full engineering support in manufacturing processes.
  • Flexibility and promptness in design changes management along the manufacturing process.
  • Selection of crimping and stapling tools according to terminal and cable.
  • Design improvements.
  • Incidents monitoring and resolution of discrepancy reports.
  • Viability study.
  • Costs study and scheduling.


Assembly and installation

Wiring, support and structural ensemble assembly.
Working team specialized in electrical installation and connectors finishing.

  • Riveting
  • Sealing
  • Glueing
  • Mass and electrical continuity junctions
  • Electrical connections stapling
  • Electrical connections soldering
  • Mechanical elements fastening

Team chart:

  • Manufacturing manager
  • Assembly team leader
  • Assembly operators
  • Testing operators

Wiring manufacturing

  • Highest quality level guaranteed thanks to our most advanced automatized systems.
  • Cutting-edge tools for connection, cutting & reaping and automatic crimping. Reliability and quality of end product guaranteed.
  • End process is optimized, certified and guaranteed with verification tests, continuity test and automatic insulation tests.
  • Flexibility and promptness to adapt design changes along the process.
  • Full stock of materials.
  • Assembly devices.
  • Experienced workers.

Wiring labelling


  • Heat shrinks couplings
  • Cable tie tags.
  • Unbreakable adhesive tags.
  • Self-laminated tags.


  • Wide temperatures range.
  • Improvement of physical, electrical and chemical properties.
  • Indelible markers.
  • Heat shrink, vinyl, polyester.
  • Ink, laser and thermos transfer commercial printers.


  • Electrical wires identification.
  • Wirings labelling.
  • Instrumentation panels.
  • Cabinets and displays.

Electrical testing

  • Experience and ability to schedule and implement electric testing.
  • Equipment design for electrical testing.
  • Study and engineering for continuity and insulation testing.
  • Test bench and/or field testing.
  • Testing programs development.
  • Electrical testing experience.
  • Study and implementation of continuity and insulation testing for whole wirings.


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